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Constable Garner lives on site!

Family owned and operated, your SAFE storage solution in Bucks County
Protected Environment
We offer heated and cooled
storage units that are ideal to
protect valuables that
might be harmed by
extreme heat, cold or humidity details...
Non Climate Controlled
Affordable storage units de-
signed for storage of items that are
not sensitive to extreme temperatures.
Fully enclosed self storage units,
insect and rodent controlled details...
Gated Access
Unlike storage at sales centers,
or vacant lots
safe from the public domain.
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Big Storage Company Options...

Family Operated, Personal and Friendly Service

It's a great combination, and

one that can be hard to find.

We're not the biggest, and we like

it that way. At Wrightstown Self Storage,

we're proud to say that we are big enough

to satisfy your storage needs

but, unlike those huge chains, we

won't have more units than we can

consistantly monitor. After all,

your security is our security; this is our home.

Family Homestead

Wrightstown Institution

Some call us a "Wrightstown Institution"

but we are just proud to have been living

and doing business here for three generations,

in this friendly town where "everybody knows your name".